When the heart skips a beat


I'm not sure if i should be putting this im my blog, but i guess i just need to get it out of my system. I don't know if people read my blog anyways, so i guess it's safe.

"Why do i always take a fall, when i fall in love...."

Pag-ibig nga naman- feels good, gives you goosebumps, gives you a natural high, cloud 9, but at the same time can be decieving and could tear you apart.

Confusing... drives me nuts.

I guess it's a human thing, it feels good to love and be loved in return. Thou sometimes, it's not always the same case.

You think there's a connection, but you're just having false hopes. It's the person that you think of when you wake up in the morning, every toot toot of your cellphone you hope its a message from the person, tawagan ka man nya, kinikilig ka. You wonder if there's something going on between you, or maybe not.

Syet.... mahal ko na sya.

pero di nya alam yun.


Video Shoot


today was my video shoot for "project DVD". Woke up at 6am to get my stuff ready, and had a calltime at 8pm in Jen's studio.

first on the list- "Play" by J-lo.
Shot this scene behind a blue screen, were the'll be putting digital effects and stuff. This is my sing and dance sequence. Had a hard time coz they wanted me to jump continuously, dance and sing at the same time. venue was hot. i was wearing all black. but it was a good take. one down, 50 more to go! haha

We drive to "Jack's loft " wilson for the second shoot. Arrange some of the chairs, tables and the bed, coz we'll be shooting the interview portion, and some snipets for "Faith" sung by George Michael. Interview went well, sometime got tougue-tied, and i can't read the prompter coz the font was small. Red, Felix, Raffy, Randii and Von come arrive, and we fix up for the mtv shoot of Faith. Jumping on the bed, being hit with pillows, snapping and grooving with the interiors of Jack's Loft as a background. After lunch, we head to East Greenhills for the street shoot of the same video. It just took us 15 minutes under the sun, then they're done.

Carol from Trumpets was able to contact Music Museum so i can use the venue for at least an hour to shoot "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. That was REALLY a blessing. The venue was so perfect and we got the right angles and look that i wanted.

Then we drive to Tagaytay, to shoot "I Believe I can Fly" in Josephines, and "Mr. Suave" in a sari sari store in the sidewalk. I was in all white for the shoot in the restaurant, and to circumstances like there wasn't any wind blowing, we used an electric fan to blow my clothes while i was singing. hhehe. It was getting dark, so we scouted in the roadside to find a Karinderya of some sort. We landed at "Karinderya ni Ninong", and the people were so nice there. I was wearing a very colorful top, flares and and afro for this segment, in the middle of the street, with flocks of people watching. Embarrassing, but it was a good shoot. Had two kids with me doing the ocho ocho and spagetti thing. HAyyyy... very funny.

Pressed for time, we went to Ayala Alabang in Margie's house. We were gonna shoot some scenes in her room, and also the shoot for "Cupid" of 112. Her mom wasn't in a good mood already coz she prepared merienda, and we came at 8pm. Oh well. So we continue with the shoot, and it was good naman. Had candles, flower petals all over the pool, very romantic. hahahah. We weren't able to do "A Thousand Miles" the way i wanted it, which was to imitate the scene in the movie White Chicks, insead we found a swing and i just played in it. Then in the middle of the shoot, i think i pushed myself too hard, the swing collapsed and i ended up flopping to the ground, but the camera was still rolling, so i continued singing. HAHA. that was really funny. I guess the whole accident would work for the video. =)

Head off to Manila, all poofed up and tired, but it was all GOOD. I thank God he paved the way for me to find very good locations, very helpful people to provide their resources, and a safe journey to every location that we went.

Now it's editing time! hope it goes well....

zzzzz... =)


Johann's Recording Album!!!


I recorded my first solo album today, well, something like that. =)

7 tracks of various songs, for the VCD/DVD Resume project that i'm doing. Phew....it was a long 6 hours of recording! Was all worth it though, and it won't be possible without the help of Sir Von, Felix, Robbie, Randii and Raffy. (Thanks guys!). It was sooooooooooo fun! tiring, but fun! =)

Met up with the other Kundi people for Dinner, in HOT ROCKS, a little restaurant that serves Dinosaur Meat. hahaha.... laki ng serving nila ng streak for a cheap price. Sarap.

Rewarded myself with a Butterscotch Fudge Bar in Starbucks, for dessert!

Hay, I can't wait for Monday, Video shoot naman kami. woohhhooooooo!!!


Playshop Phobia

Phew.... it's good i didn't join Playshop this summer. Well, im not against it, it's just that i think i need some kind of break for awhile, it's been 5 years straight that i've been teaching. I love kids, i love the passion I put whenever i teach them, but i guess it's good to take a breather once in awhile.

Actually, i thought i had Playshop banned from me, but NOOOO! heheh. I accepted some "Substitute" classes for Chevy and Francis M, just for the week. Today was the first day of class, and mind you, it was hell! Imagine 2 classes going on at the same time, at the same room. We can hardly hear each other! grabeh. Well, i think this is only temporary, and the admin will relocate classrooms soon. Thats good.

Hay, dead-tired today. Went to "GAYUMA" in Katipunan for dinner with Mayen and PamG. Good food and dessert, most specially the ambiance. Pero wala pa rin tatalo sa Jack's Loft Greenhills heheh.. my sanctuary...

Memeh nako... zzzzzz