I slept at around 6am today, hhaha...coz i'm addicted to THE SIMS. Actually i had the game installed in my computer before when i was still using a desktop, now that im in my laptop i've installed it again.


I went to SUBIC today! along with some Trumpets friends (namely mayen, JC, JuneV, Noodles, Carol and Francis). FUN! we reached Subic in an 2 hours time coz there wasn't any traffic (weird, thats a miracle!). We ate in a restaurant in Pampanga and had eat all you can baked clams. yummmm! Food was awesome, roast beef, shrimp, sinigang, etc.

Then we went to UK!!!!! hahaha....well, ukay-ukay!
Not so much treasures though, i was able to just get a nice brown sling bag for 50 bucks! nice!
While Mayen and Beth bought around 13 pieces of clothing, all unique and vintage and cute!

We drove to Camayan Resort, at around 5pm, so the sun was about to set already (and the beach was about to close). So we swam in the lovely blue sea for around 30 minutes, bitin nga eh. hehe. Funny, Carol took soooo long to put on lotion and she swam for just 10 minutes coz the lifeguard was calling everyone to get out of the water already. Oh well. =)

We ate in Gerry's grille in Olongapo, great food and it was sooo breezy! haayyy...

Well, at least we were able to get out of the usual crowded town of Manila and relax even for awhile, nice to also spend it with friends! I wonder how the rest of Holy Week would be thou, i guess we'll just be staying in the house and rest, but its all cool. =)


Easy like a Saturday Morning...or rather, afternoon

Woke up an hour ago. Got puyat yesterday when i hang out with Mayen and Pam, then watched "Bahay ni Lola" with Kundi people. Well, it was cool, not spectacular. Thou i was there to support Von, which happens to be the musical director of the movie. Ate in Fridays then went home.

I feel kinda sluggish today, just got out of a one-day fever. But i'm looking forward in catching Mamma Mia in Greenbelt 3 later, to see my co-trumpeteers perform. Having dinner with Marcus and JR too.

Pam and i were talking yesterday. About life, about my career, about what i'm expecting this year. She brought up the topic of me signing up (or actually submitting a resume) to GENESIS, the company who handles her, GaryV, and other mainstream people. I wasn't interested before, coz i thought of the challenges you'll be facing once you join a talent agency. But after what Pam shared to me, I realized how much I want to venture in this kind of business. Well, I'm still asking for a sign from God if this is the right path for me or not, actually it makes me excited just thinking about it. I know HE knows best. =)

Still waiting for results of Beauty and the Beast. Well, not sure if they'll still get people for the musical, but hey, who knows. =)

I'm off to playing SIMS. Still on the verge of making my sims a STAR! hehe


a pic backstage during the UAAP closing ceremonies (sayang i wasn't able to get any pics during my performance)

(recent batch of Innersoul, my group in DLSU. Before we were a boyband kind of group, now, S-club7 na sya )

I sang for the closing ceremonies of UAAP season 67 today in DLSU. And it was a success! My debut as a solo performer. It was a bit scary at first, i was gonna sing the opening song "DREAMS" by Van Halen (techinically a rock song), with an orchestra, jazz dancers, street dancers, dlsu pep squad and innersoul backing me up, the works. I felt it was my "concert", i swear. Had a bit of trouble with the sound system (nothing new about it, it sucked since the day i performed for functions in college). The director was happy with my performance as well, That's good to hear. And a lot of students said that magaling daw ako (wow, never had so much complements, todo na ito). I had the time of my life, enjoyed the performance, rocked the house (meaning nabulabog yung mga matatanda sa audience kasi i was screaming and dancing and singing at the same time). Truly an experience. Sana maulit. Simula na ito ng so-called career ko in the mainstream. hehe. =)