Almost Paradise

Just came home from a weekend vacation in Matabungkay Batangas, with the Summerstock people and some other friends! Fun! Fun! Fun! =)

Was in Shangrila Starbucks at 7am, left at 9am (zzz) and travelled to Batangas. Very nice, cozy place. Nipa huts and hammocks. The beach was ok, kinda sea-weedy but bearable. Was fun making our own tele-serye "Kilikili vs. Reyna Pusita" (based on DARNA). Hilarious! Food was ggrrreeaattt! all we did was eat, swim, sleep, inis mica... (hahhah). Then on Sunday, we went to ENCHANTED KINGDOM (for free), and spent the afternoon 'til evening there. It was kinda rainy thou, but was fun getting wet in the Rapids 3 times! hahah...

Now i have a tan, well actually im just RED. Shoulders stinging. My face so rozy. hehe...

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By the bonfire

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Bagong gising

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Wala lang

(thanks to Andy for the pics)

can't wait until the next beach vacation!!!!


Thailand-Singapore Trip

phew....I dunno where to start with my kwento.

My dad and I had a 6 day trip to Thailand and Singapore last week, and it was a BLAST!
First stop: Thailand. Very cultured, very different from Manila, and very HOT! (literally, most specially when it comes to their cuisine). We had a half day tour to go around the city.

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one of the temples in thailand

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Having a Thai Massage.... bliss

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A cultural show we watched (can you spot me? kapal ko talaga)

The best thing in Thailand was the shopping!!! Wow...everything you see in greenhills and tutuban, its all there! and mas cheaper! I had to go to every side corner of the night market to find all sorts of goodies. From silver jewelry, to weird clothing, to candies, anything you can think of. My feet were aching after. but its all good!

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After a really bumpy 3 hour plane ride.....

We arrive in Singapore: where it's a different story. Well, i've been to singapore before. They still have the "Chewing gum Ban" policy, can you believe that? (sorry chicklet, laos ka sa Singapore). Very clean, very fast-paced life. Everyone was rushing, but still had the time to enjoy the weekend and have a night life (meaning it starts at 9:30pm and ends very soon....labo).

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Singapore at night

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Playing around with the Sculptures

I was able to watch two free shows there. First is a band, well not your typical classic rock band, coz they were playing their instruments while FLYING! that was crazyyy! and awesome! The second one was an acoustic show by one of Singapore's Divahs named Wendy Koh. She's good! pero mas magaling ang pinoy (uuyyy...). The arts in this country drove me nuts! they have resources to everything! broadway, musical scores, libretto's. Hay, i wish i had more time to go around to see shows and xerox material. hehe.

All in all, everything was G-R-E-A-T! Im glad I was able to spend this time with my dad as well, he had a hard time walking and keeping up with my pace, but it tested my patience and my love for him. I do hope we'd have more opportunities like this, I love to travel...

'till the next out of the country trip!!!!!