My Adventure to the Bowels Of The Earth: Divisoria


Me and my friends (Weiss and Feliz) decide to COMMUTE to Divisora and Tutuban one lovely saturday morning in search for those little rhinestones that I use to "bling" my phone with, because Weiss will make it her thesis for her Masterals. First thing was to take a jeepney ride to Shangri-La mall for us to ride the MRT and LRT. It was ok naman, hot but bearable, until the clock striked 12 noon and it was totally hot, and no luxury of having my "Jograd" (the name of my Starex car) and Mr. Nelson (my ever-reliable driver and body guard).

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jeep ride with weiss to tutuban mall

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MRT pictorial with Feliz

We go around, walking and walking and walking....( and walking...). Going to the side streets of Tutuban and Divisoria area. We end up in a store called "Fashionista" where they sell the goods higher than the price we got in Market Market. But oh well, we've gone so far so we purchase na. Then we go back to the MRT, LRT then Bus ride to Market Market.

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The pic speaks for itself

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Bus ride to Market

Then we go around Market, all dungis and baho. Then go straight home to Weiss' place to freshen up and start "Blinging".

Well, yeah... I know.... I know..... kill me if you have to. I had a hard time commuting. But it was all a great experience. Being independent, experiencing what others would do to go travel to their destinations everyday, tough, pero at least di ba, I tried it all in one short day (one short day....in the emerald city)...

A humbling experience. And now I know na how to ride a jeep hehe. It was all good. Well, definately to be repeated...um...far from now. hahaha...