I have been changed for good...

A little tribute to my MT-G class. Love you all...

in case you can't view the file, here's a link:


Kudos! Bravo! I'm so proud of all of you!


Wickedly Wonderful Summer

Officially, my summer ends now. After all the rehearsals, headaches, laughter and hard work, it all boils to a WICKEDLY WONDERFUL show that culminated yesterday in AFP theater.

I'm so proud of my MT-Teens G. They delivered very well, and the show soared HIGH. It was a bumpy ride for all of us, but im blessed that we survived and gave a wonderful show to remember. I had a lot of challenges to put up this production, most specially in proving that I can direct and do this material. I feel so blessed that I had 21 very talented teens who helped my fulfill this dream of directing this production, without them I wouldn't have done it. Looking back on yesterday's show, I received wonderful reviews, hugs, happy tears from co-teachers, and even a pat on the back from the board of Trumpets. Feels good....feels wonderful to be appreciated. God has been very awesome to me, always being there when I break down and cry because of stress and as I tweak the show in order for it to improve and even get better.

I'm going to miss my students, I do hope they wouldn't forget me. I may not be a Freddie Santos or Jaime del Mundo or Chari Arespachochaga, but at least I've proven myself in putting up this production and defied gravity. I fought the fight, and im glad that we all survived.

What's next for me? I dunno. But I'm glad i've survived and soared through this summer. It's all for the good. I'm content.