Ad Congress CEBU!

Yawn... woke up at 3pm today. hehe. "jetlag". Just came from CEBU for the AD CONGRESS! hmmm...lemme recall the events...

Nov16-5am, flight to CEBU

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Grabeh...so EARLY! we had to take the first flight to Cebu coz we don't wanna get harassed by the bulk of people who's going to Cebu for the Ad Cong. Flight was ok naman, not so rough. We arrive in Cebu at around 6am. Still so early to do stuff. Breakfast in the hotel (Waterfront is THE BOMB!). Stuffed ourselves with so much food, and rehearsals are sa afternoon pa, so we have breakfast and slept during the morning. Hmmm....rehearsals were moved to 6pm coz the stage wasn't complete yet. so we bumm around the hotel and check out everything there is to see. We also went around the Ayala mall there, oks naman, just like what we have in Manila.

Rehearsal starts even if the stage is still being constructed. Of course our director Tito Freddie's all tense. We stage adjust, rehearse the songs, and of course, drool over Lea Salonga and Rockstar inXS pinoy, Migs Ayesa.

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Rehearsals lasted until past 12am. We were told that our calltime was at 4am...OH MY GOSH....

Ok, no reklamo, we head up to our rooms.


zzzzzz....so sooo early for a run-thru. Even Lea and Migs were there at that time. All "bangag" and sleepy, but we needed to rehearse with the set. Huge milar panels that we needed to move around the stage. coffee please...

Lea recognized me as "Jeter" in Footloose, aww that awesome. Had small-talks with Lea and Migs. All making reklamo because it was so early to perform. hehe. Pero it was fun. We get ready for the 9am show, head up to our rooms again, makeup and dress up.

SHOW WAS AWESOME! (btw, my role here is a 14 year old hip hopper...ummm...duhh) hahaha. I never get mature roles. But oh well, i'll take that as a complement. =)

Migs rocked the Waterfront hotel grand ballroom! everyone was dancing and screaming like crazy. Lea was superb as well, of course.

After the show, we head to Ayala Mall again to get our pasalubongs. Then head to the airport for our 5:30pm flight back to Manila. So tired, but was a blast!

Ok, gotta sleep again...hehe..


im 25 years younger....

I mean, older.....hahha....

Woke up early today, than usual. hehe. Around 8am. I just felt I needed to see sunshine on my birthday. Was bombarded with text messages and calls from friends. Awww... people remembered (or maybe its marked in their friendster accounts or something. haha...). Went to Mayen and Steve's condo for lunch. "Christmas decorating" daw, pero ang totoo they surprised me with a birthday party. AHAH! wonderful food, wine, and company of friends. (Thanks Mayen, Steve, Mitch, Alvin, Andy, JC, Noodles, Pam). Wow, was stuffed.... yum!

Then went to Glorietta to kill time, and just go aliw ourselves during the afternoon. We ended going to MAC to help Red find his right foundation and JC to cover up a huge pimple...hahah...that was crazy.

Off we fly to Jack's Loft Wilson, my official hangout place. ehehe. A lot of people were there, people i didnt expect to come and celebrate with me. Was so happy. Still bombarded with texts and calls. hehe. Then they surprised me with a birthday cake!

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A whole decadent cake from Jack's Loft. hahah...usually kase hati-hati kami sa isang slice kasi mahal. hahahha..... Thanks to everyone who were there!

Was really a fun day. And a realization for me that I'm truly blessed. And hopefuly more mature...hahaha.. (yeah right).