Mermaid Update

Woke up early today, had a gig for a callcenter this morning, for Convergys. Hosted the event. Haayyy, di nako sanay magising ng maaga. pero oh well, fun naman and easy money. ehe

I was told i'm on "Standby" for Little Mermaid, conflict kasi sa sked ng Footloose and Mermaid, so I'll do Footloose this Sept, then maybe Mermaid in October. Ngarag naman if pinagsabay ko di ba, goodluck sakin. eheh

everything's good, very blessed, and happy. =)


got in!!!

yeheyyy....2nd callbacks in Mermaid on Wed...

A lot of my pals passed the second screening as well, so i'm happy for them. Hayyy.... astig.

First rehearsals for "Footloose" tonight, exciting! busy busy busy (at last....hehe)

Then my friend from Innersoul, Ryan, is including me pa for a 10-run seminar to host the event, with a very good budget. wow. Blessings pouring in! Bait bait ni Lord!

Todo na 'to!!!!


"It's the first day, of the rest of my life"

Little Mermaid auditions today. I'm totally POOFED! Venue was kinda uncomfortable, and of course the long wait for your number to be called. I was #97. I think it reached 145. Phew..

Came in my "Sailor" costume, and the panel laughed hysterically when i went in. Well, i dunno if i should take that as a complement, but i think it was good. I like dressing up every audition, according to the role I want or the theme of the play. I think it gives something "extra". I sang the snipet of "I Am Complete". Was good i think, they applauded after. And Tito Jaime told me "Would you cut your hair for a role?" (just so you know, i was wearing my F4-ish wig, to cover my short brown highlighted hair). Then i said "It's only a wig!" (sabay tanggal ng wig ko). They started laughing. hehe.

Well, callback's are soon, so waiting for that nalang.

Footloose rehearsals start on Monday. Exciting! hayyy...sana i can balance both Mermaid and Footloose if God wills it. Need to racket doubletime! But it's all good, I feel so blessed...



Punta Fuego

WEEE! had the opportunity to go to a beach again- in Punta Fuego. very cool.... well, almost. Was fun spending time with my Aunt's and Lola who came from the US to visit and also to grieve for the passing away of my lolo (well, the brother of my grandma).

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The infamous "Infinity Pool"

It was sunny at first, then the sky began to go cloudy, then it rained. Bummer. That didnt stop me from swimming thou, was fun also "piging out" and eating buffet for lunch (of course masarap kasi libre ahaha).

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