2 days before opening night. Exciting! Very exhausting but exciting. Had good feedbacks from people who watched our dress rehearsals. ang cute ko daw (hahha....eekkk). Well means my character's effective i guess? good i suppose. Energy to the max. 101% everytime. WOOHHHOOO! I hope it's gonna be a good run. Good reviews too. HAAYYY....


"Heaven help me..."


Rehearsals have been so stressful these past weeks(tama ba grammar?). Tweaking everything, re-learning the voicing and notes, and the CHOREOGRAPHY.....Oh Lord, the CHOREOGRAPHY. But hey, no complaining Johann. God doesn't want you to complain. He had a purpose why I'm part of this musical, and for sure it's going to be a blast. I should see the positive side of things! it's my time to shineeeee~!!!

haayyy.... every night I always pray for extra energy, extra memory to remember things, and also patience in all aspects. Jesus is good. He never lets me down. I may be tired physically, or even emotionally stressed, but HE's my ROCK. my CONVERSE, my EXTRA JOSS to give my best every night as we do our endless runs and rehearsals.

I have a strong feeling this would be a good show. Everything would come into place.

and I quote from my favorite line in the musical: "WOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!


Cut loose...FOOTLOOSE!

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Coming this September!
8pm shows- Sept 2,3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23,24
3pm shows- Sept 3, 4 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25

Meralco theater. I'll be playing the makulit, pilyo but good guy JETER.
Don't miss it!!!!


Some of the "Footloose" cast, during rehearsals. fun fun fun! work work work!



I quote from "Footloose" the musical:

"Learning there are some topics that we don't even mention,
And if they come up, then we try to be vague.
There are subjects from which we divert all attention,
And some we avoid like a plague"

Well, some people must "Learn to be silent".




Footloose rehearsals going well, so far. Been blocking scene's 1 to 4, today 5-9 ata. Ang BILIS ng pace (which is normal, ganun naman talaga). Next week, choreo, then run, then do stuff over and over and over..... till we get sick of it. Para it's gonna stick to our brains like glue.

Been "researching" about my character, Jeter. I'm still having a hard time finding it actually.
Put this all together- "rexona boy", makulit, mahirit, pa-cool, pero takot to get detention or to be brought to the principal's office, a good guy. Charie told me "Johann, it's not Charlie Brown", hehe. Pressure....

I always look forward to rehearsals, I always get excited. Love the cast, everyone's starting to bond, encouraging one another, teaching the do's and dont's in theater. This would be a good production (gulp.).