Singapore-Thailand here I come!!!

Im leaving for Thailand-Singapore in a few hours. It's a one week vacation im having with my dad, that was postponed actually. Dapat last week pa kami aalis. I can't wait to shop, go to the spa's, forget about complications of life and just ENJOY a decent vacation out of the country. I'm not to excited thou, i dunno why. I hope i'd have the patience to asikaso my dad as well, sana di sya mahirapan and makulitan sakin. hehehe. =) I'll be back June 5! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!



Tita Jinggay from Trumpets called me up, and told me im part of FOOTLOOSE! Wahhhoooooo!!! at last, something i was looking forward to, and natanggap ako. Thank you Jesus!

Can't wait! rehearsals start July pa, so lotsa time to get ready for it, and find other rackets (?!) haha.

"Gotta cut loose...........FOOTLOOSE!!!!"

i cut my hair today......waahhhhh! well i think 3/4 of my hair were all chopped off. i guess it was also time to let my long locks rest from all the damage i do to it. hehe. from long rebonded, colored, permed, now back to the usual Johann hairstyle during college. Sabi nila bagay naman daw, the "kakagising palang" look. So i guess its all good. =)


"Sowers of Dreams"

Had a very successful show last night, actually i'm having withdrawal symptoms of it right now. I miss the rehearsals, the late night dinners, the company. Even if most of us were sick, we pulled it off. Very good feedback of the show, I hope the foundation was able to raise a good amount of funds.

Could you imagine, we rehearsed since February? gosh. such a long time. I was kinda tired of it already, but now that it's over, kaka-miss. Hopefully we can put up a show like this again soon, minus all the stress of being in charge of a lot of things. But it was all worth it.


Footloose Auditions


Muscles aching....throat hurting....hair all frizzy.... but it was a good audition (well to me it was).

178 people auditioned for "Footloose" the musical, which will be staged in September of this year. It was fun, seeing familiar faces and celebrities alike, trying their luck to make a good impression to the panel. Of course, I "dressed" the part, coming in the audition room with plaid longsleeves, torn jeans and a curly hairdo. I sang "Faith" by George Michael, with CREW backing me up in acapella. Then they told me to study a dance routine in the tune of the musical's theme song. Pretty easy, well for me, compared to the routine we had in LION before which was HELL coz i couldn't stand up the next morning. I did well in the dance audition, so they let me stay for the 3rd round which was to sing a song from the play. "Mama Says" was the song, kinda sluggish but it was cute. I wanted to sing "Girl Gets Around", but i think that was a song for the villain, and i didn't look like a bad guy, even if im shaved and all, ahaaha.

God-willing, i'd get a part. I wanna do a musical again. I miss the long rehearsals, I miss Meralco theatre. Now the long wait..........


Cinema One

To tell you frankly, I'm not really a big fan of pinoy movies. Well, sometimes I get to watch whenever there's a good review of a movie so I go to the theatre amidst all the crowd.

Today i wake up, flip channels, and end up in Channel 22, Cinema One. Today's showing: "Sana Maulit Muli" starring Aga Mulach and Lea Salonga. Nothing to watch in other channels so I end up watching the film. Ok, i understand the story, which was about two lovers struggling with their relationship, one of the parties going to the States, then ending up together again back in Manila- the typical filipino plot.

And then....

I start to tear... sob.... cry. ANO BA JOHANN HELLO!!?! Natawa ako sa sarili ko. Tanghaling tapat, watching Cinema One, crying over a movie like that, and getting all SENTI.

I think i've proven that i'm an emotional person, which I think there's nothing wrong with that. Buti nga yun eh, kaysa I hide my feelings and end up suicidal. (ayy..wag naman).

Hay, senti days. maybe it comes with the weather (!???!!)

pseudo rehearsals

Just came home from another night of rehearsals with the Kundirana, for the "Sowers of Hope" show. (shameless plug: AFP theater on May 19 Thursday 7:30pm). It's getting hotter and hotter each day, and ang dami ko nang calories na nawala sa init. haaayyy.. sana mag snow. hhehe

I'm excited for this show, and at the same time, tense. Having no tech-run is scary, hopefully we can pull through. It's also sad na di na naman kami magkikita-kita after this, sariling buhay ulit kami, then reunion nalang soon. I also can't wait for a job to come (well, meaning sana STAGES would call me na for projects, im DYING to perform).

Auditions for "Footloose" on Sunday, well i'm still in the age bracket, and I do hope they'd like me and cast me a role, kahit ensemble lang...

Yun lang... tulog na ulit.... gising ng late.....rehearse ulit.... waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!