"Bling-bling" for mah "ring-ring"

Happy 2006!

Hmm...I dunno why i've been so "Artsy" nowadays. I mean, i've been doing craft projects 'til the wee hours of the morning! haha. really weird.

First project was I sew on beads on a handstrap for my cellphone (which I eventually gave to my friend Weiss as a christmas present).

Second is I "BLINGED" my D500 cellphone! oh yeah... just like Puff Daddy or PAris Hilton's phone, the back battery has been covered in Swarovski crystals.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

hehe...it's been a head-turner ever since. Sana lang hindi prone to nakaw. wahhh.

My new project is I'm jazzing up my old jeans with ZIPPERS which cost P1.00 each.

Gosh....my creative juices all flowing this January, or am I just bored? haha...

My teaching stint started again today, which was "Talent Day" wherein my girls performed in front of their classmates. Hilarious. Enough said.

Also had a VTR for 2 commercials yesterday, where in the agent requested me to go there to the office personally. Wow special mention! Sana matanggap ako, fingers crossed.

Thats it!