Curtain Call for Footloose

Wow.... 2 months of being with 28 cast members, 20+ crew and stagehands, directors, marketing people, the whole FOOTLOOSE Family. Was fun! really really awesome. Had sooooo much wonderful memories, which makes it difficult for me to detach from the production. Could you imagine we were together for 2 months mostly everyday?! sigh...
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But everything has to come to an end, but of course, the friendship will last forever. I've learned to love this cast so much, that I woke up this morning crying and depressed. =( It's so hard to part ways after all the rehearsals, shows, and bonding sessions.

I'm glad to be in the Theater industry. I wrote to Direk Charie previously in her blog, and to get such a response from her is overwhelming and makes me feel so good.

The cast, most specially the kids, gosh i'll miss their company so much. God had a purpose why we were all together in this production, and i'm glad we all had a blast. I was actually crying during the church scene in our last show last night, very heartbreaking that the run's over.

Depressed....with a lot of things too actually, but im coping up. God's my strength, and my source of love, so i dont need to fret and feel down.

Cheers to the Cast and Crew of Footloose, this production would have a special place in my heart.


Time to keep your Sunday Shoes

Last 5 shows of Footloose this weekend, I dunno if I should feel sad or happy about it. Well to think of it, more of sad actually. It's been a tough 2 month rehearsal and show run, had so much fun! (and maybe not so fun) memories to cherish, pics and roles to add in my resume. Was great to see a lot of billboards with my face on it, writeups, good reviews, standing ovations, friendships. Hayyyy senti senti...

I'm gonna miss this cast, it was really fun. Sana we'd still keep in touch. (gosh this is the effect of a lazy wednesday not doing anything and thinking ahead that the show's almost over....arrgghhh).

Hmmm...what's next for me? well hopefully they'd contact me for Mermaid. My "Stage Performance" teaching stint is still there, and keeps me busy and gives me extra income.hhaha. Gosh, so blessed.

Christmas around the corner.....hayyy...senti senti. But oh well, it's been a good year I guess. 2 months I'll be 25....gosh I feel so old. But of course young at heart. Need to be independent (in some aspects...haha).

Wala lang....just needed to update my blog so im blabbering.



A picture in "Mama Says", a FANTABULOUS number in "Footloose the Musical". hehe. Gosh i really look like an Umpa Lumpa from Willie Wonka's Factory. (Andrei, JayR, me and JC) in the pic. Catch it soon! we have 2 more weekends......gosh we're halfway through! sighh.....