defying gravity...well, almost

phew... this past few months has been so stressful for me. Physically, emotionally, well spiritually hindi naman. Actually, it's the kind of stress that I'll love and miss when its over.

But I've been blessed- with such a good bunch of teens, hungry for learning, eager to make a good show. Also the material that I chose was granted to me for me to do, which is awesome. Kakapagod lang talaga.

Signs of stressed Johann:
1) Hindi nag aayos ng buhok. naka bandana nalang
2) Not pormado
3) beard grows longer....and longer....and longer... then i decide to shave if im itchy.
4) pumapayat- not enough vitamins... ngek. di nakakakain in the right time.
5) eyebags, pimples (which is very RARE na mangyari. gosh)

Now, what does Johann do when stressed?
1) Sleep... sleep...sleep...
2) Eat happy food... (um, anything na mabilis, like fast food). well duno why happy food yun.
3) ZIPS! naks...my new discovery to calm myself
4) chocolateeeeeeee! cafe Xocolat!!!! the BOMB!
5) Bond with my students (awwww...)
6) read the BUY AND SELL, then laugh at wrong grammar ads...haha

Gosh, the show's 2 weeks away. Actually, its already DONE! Thank you Jesus. Just a little more tweaking nalang I guess. I do hope it would go smooth. BENGGA! (a term my class uses whenever they GET something or perfect na yung isang scene, or song etc.)

Sana nga...sana BENGGA! hayyy.... =)