Wow. Been awhile I didnt touch my Blog. Wala lang, busy busyhan... (or not)...hahaha

Hmmm.... well I guess I can say I'm blessed. After Footloose, there's no shows in line yet, but the Lord has tapped me to continue teaching my Stage Performance classes, and also I have a directorial stint (naks!) with a company for their Christmas presentation, and other corporate gigs.
Gonna start "working" on Nov7. Phew. Hope everything goes well. Hay I miss performing thou, na sudden STOP after 2 months of singing and dancing. Christmas shows anyone? hehe.

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Good. Life is good. Hmmm... and gosh...im turning 25 soon. (NOV 3! hint hint!) hehe...



I found a way of uploading music to my BLOG! (hey be proud of me...hehe)!

I had to shrink the file to 16kbps in order for the ones in dialup to be able to listen to it.

Do you hear it? do you hear it?!?! weeee!


hayy...what to do....what to do..... TOO MUCH IDLE TIME! hehehe