My two new "babies" for the year

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HAHAH....is this the effect of the Christmas office chair gift? hehe. (Don't worry I still love my dad). Well, I treated myself to two new gadgets this year, an Ipod Nano 4gb, and a Samsung D500 cellphone. Got both of it this November and December respectively. Nano on my birthday, Celphone for Christmas. Oh yeah baby! splurge splurge splurge! Who says we should save for our future? haha kidding..

I've been blessed this year, (Footloose, teaching gigs, corporate rackets, directorial gigs, etc), and I thank the Lord that kahit paano, I can enjoy the little perks in life. I bet it's gonna be a good 2006! Bring it on!!!


Christmas Blabber

As materialistic as it may seem, I just need to blog on this...

Dad asked me to get some Christmas gifts for his officemates this afternoon, so I went to the mall to find stuff. Came home, now he asks me to wrap them as well because he doesn't know how. As a good and obedient son, of course I do what i'm told.

Then he tells me, "I have a christmas gift for you already."

I say with a hint of excitement, "What is it?"

Then my pop goes, "There outside.... i bought you a chair"

(Suddenly the world crumbles at my feet).

"A chair?!"

"It's practical" my dad said.

He bought me an office chair...... for christmas..... and didn't even ask what I REALLY wanted for the season.

Then he told me "Ako, bilhan mo nalang ako ng bag, oks nako dun."


he tells me what he wants, and he doesnt even ask what i want. (well coz what i want, usually he can't afford....hehe)

OH WELL..... thats it. just kinda makes me grumpy now. Time to write Santa Clause a letter, there's still hope.

hhaha.... i need "happy food".



Gosh, it's been awhile I didn't update my blog.

Well, been busy lately with a directorial gig (naks!). I recently directed "Hairspray" the musical for a corporate contest thing of Trend Micro Philippines. It was a 15 minute medley of songs from the play.

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We actually rehearsed one whole month for this? wow I didn't realize that it took so long. Tiring. But very rewarding.

Directing a presentation is no easy task I should say. We have 19 people in the cast, of course all of them corporate people, no experience in theater. Tough, but i was awed by their dedication to learn what I've been learning most of my life, which is to perform.

A whole month of rehearsals, planning, pulling people's legs to lend us costumes, hours and hours of making a set, polishing and getting the show to work.

Finally, last night was the BIG NIGHT. A lot of problems during the actual day, adjustment of the stage, the time slot that was given to us for rehearsals was not followed, we didn't have a holding room so we were doing hair and makeup in the hotel corridor.

But the show was a BLAST!

The 5 minute time of setting the stage went well. the CAST was AWESOME!!!! I was so proud of them that they delivered so well. Costumes were gleaming with color and radiance (the sequince gowns were eye-blinding!) The set worked well even if it was all made up of old carton boxes and crepe paper.

and yeah.... WE WON!!!!! hahahaha..... I was so thrilled!

I guess the winning part was the best reward for me as the director. Marunong pala ako mag direct?! HAHAHA =)

The prize was i think around P120,000. Wow, they deserve it for all the effort they gave. And now, i'm just here blogging, with a last song syndrome of "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the musical. hayyy... great! i just feel so great!

Congrats to IS dept. of Trend Micro! You make me proud!

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(pic from arjay's blog)