Which "American Idol" Are You?

johannic, you're a Trained Professional

The stage. The big screen. The boardroom. Wherever your sights are set, you're ready for the spotlight. Confident and talented, you wouldn't think of going for the big time without doing the proper prep work first. And it shows in your polished performance and dedicated attitude- all of which makes competitors respect you and fans want to be you.

You're an enthusiastic competitor who doesn't mind putting in the extra hours to sharpen your skills. You probably learned that there's no substitute for hard work whether you're trying out for a team, a band, a job, or American Idol. So keep on practicing. It's sure to take you to the top in no time!


Thank you judges

I was "Simon Cowell" today, for a singing contest in my college, DLSU-CSB. I was invited by good old friends Liselle and Henry to be a panel in the competition. This event was for "Alay Sa Bata", wherein organizations who host orphans have a full day of fun, contests and food. I had fun, feels good to be a judge. Listening to every note of the kid when he/she was singing, watching their performance skills, projection, and rating them for their act. Watching them made me recall of my 14-K and singing contest days, even seeing them cry when they won gave me goosebumps. I said a prayer to myself while watching this talented young kids, that hopefully they would live a good life and somehow find a place they can call home eventually. There were dance contests, art/drawing contests as well.

Sayang lang, i was called by a caster to join a shooting for the series "Darna" for channel 7 also today, and I wasnt able to attend because of the conflict of sked. Hay.... need rackets asap, ala na akong pang shopping....haha =)


"SURVIVOR EDSA" starring me!

Ok, here's the situation:

Dad's out of town

Driver's with him (and the starex)

I need to go and accompany Mayen to Market Market

I don't wanna taxi

So, i end up DRIVING MY OWN CAR! (yeah, yeah, lame isn't it, pero di ba, meron laging "FIRST TIME..."). It's been awhile i didn't drive, coz there's the joy of having a driver and a car. But of course, the situation needs some action, wherein lola mayen encouraged me to drive my car from the house to market market in The Fort.

I pass Shaw, pretty nervous but calm, reacting to every jeep or car honking at me. good, good, sweat onti, ok calm calm. Then to make the long story short, i reach EDSA! oh yesssss....EDSA! the long stretch of cement, with DINOSAURS (the huge buses) roaring like hell on the highway. Mayen calms me and pushes me to "Go....kaya mo yan". So i did! I survived EDSA! (intro music....i'm a survivor, i'm gonna make it...).

Went around Market(2x), shopping galore si Mayen, while i contemplate what i did and still feel my knees shaking. Ate dinner, then went to Tandang Sora for a birthday party of a friend (Mayen drove na and made me rest).

We meet up with the trumpets barkada (chinie, pam, pam's sister veronica, jc, gerald) and had dinner number 2 in Ko Hi Kan in Greenhills.
Then I drove and brought Mayen home in her condo, then brought JC home. Then it was only me, the car and the road home. Was calmer now, coz the road was empty, so i was singing and praising the Lord for the Victory of me driving alone. Then i reach home, texted them i was safe and sound, and now, here writing in my blog...

Saya ng buhay no? woooohhhoooooo! till the next adventure johann. . .


Why am I Crying Over American Idol?!

hhaha...lazy day. woke up at 2pm, and just bummed around, waiting for A.I. at 4pm. This is the episode that they choose the final 24 contestants. Nerve wrecking!!! Then I notice myself getting teary-eyed. WHY johann? its soooooo weird. Gosh. Well, maybe because I was seeing myself in their shoes: how would i react when i audition for contests like that? either in the mainstream or for musicals or plays? Magiging STAR ba ako? WAAHHH! (hahaha)

Well, i'm voting for Mario Vazquez. I dunno, if i were a judge, he's the one who struck me the most. The others are sooooo perky, so rockish, walang dating. And he has a grreeeaattt voice, very R&B, and i like his porma. Amongst the girls, they all sound the same, the African-american girls all sing the same, really hard to see who stands out among the women.

I sometimes ask God, "Lord, what do you have in store for me?". I'm so anxious for what he has planned for me in my life. Well, definitely i would continue singing and performing, coz thats what i was blessed to do, but where? sa TV ba? sa Theater? abroad ba or here? wow...so many things to ponder about. I'm 24, i wonder what i would be when i reach 30. *sigh*

Basta, sabi ko sa sarili ko, "I won't join a contest in order to become famous."(well, all of that can change, pero sana hindi nalang...hehe...) =)



Today, and yesterday were fun days, spending most of the weekend in Greenbelt 3. Jc, Gerald, Chinie, Mayen, Noodles, JuneV, and myself watched "Flight of the Phoenix" and "Phantom of the Opera". Two great movies! and good bunch of friends.

So many people in G3 i swear, everyone just sitting in the cafe's, sipping coffee, talking, people-watching, eyes staring at you. Sometimes i wonder- is this the way people go gimiking nowadays? spend hours and hours just talking and talking and talking. Weird. But what the hell, its better than staying at home and rotting. hhaha...

We also watched Bituin Escalante's show, she's AWESOME! hay, i love watching Bito, and she's so down to earth pa rin. Because we were all itching to sing, we ended up in I.O., the videoke place. That was awesome! We couldnt stop laughing and singing, and "piyok-ing". We went home at 3am, and i woke up at 5pm. HAHA. =)

Everything's g-r-e-a-t! =)



I was invited to the Red Carpet Premiere of DREAMBOY starring Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo. Well, to tell you frankly, im not a fan of pinoy movies, most specially the cheezy-laglag panty ones. But hey! it was free, and i felt like a star! (oh, what am i talking about, i am a star....a star in my own right....hehhe). I was all dressed up, porma to the max. They set up a loooong red carpet in the cinema of SM Megamall, with FANS all over the place wanting to get a glimpse of their idols. I actually walked down the Red Carpet, it felt good, i was actually enjoying the 30 seconds of fame, with people screaming "JERRY YAN!" at me, coz i think my hair looked like the actor in that telenovela thingy.

The movie was ok (inspite of the chaos and noise happening around coz the fans can't shut up, they had to react to every cheesy punchline and every kilig scene). I actually enjoyed it, the plot was something new in Philippine cinema, and the story had a good twist to it. And, it was free! hehehe =)

After the premiere, we went to my favorite restaurant, my sactuary, JACK's LOFT! i totally love the food and dessert there, and the price is not bad! haayyyy....most specially the beds where we can lounge in whilst eating DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! yum yum...

Ok, im off to Jack's Loft! hahahaha.....


Praise HIS name and see it happen!

Came back from Bataan for a show of Joseph the Dreamer. It was a success, inspite of all the technical difficulties during the afternoon when we were stage adjusting.

Our calltime last Saturday was at 6am in Trumpets Office in Pioneer. Me, being "professional" , woke up at 4:30am to fix my damn hair (I've been to the stadium in Bataan and the bathroom's hell, so i figured to fix myself already). So my hair was all poofed up, all ready for the show. We arrive in Bataan at around 9am, had breakfast and got ready for our rehearsal in the venue. I swear, I've never seen so much TIE-DYE in my life, from the set design onstage, to our costumes, everything was screaming tie-dye fashion. We only had one aircon in a wing backstage, so we usually would just squeeze ourselves into that one room coz the stadium was freakin' hot. The whole show, fortunately was in lipsync, because the stadium had bad acoustics and sound was bouncing everywhere. A lot of adjustments were made so the sound would SOUND REAL. and to top it all, we were all wearing DUMMY WORM MICROPHONES (think Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, N'SYNC, the mics with a wire sticking out from your ear and the head of the mic to your mouth)to add to the whole "look". It was so cool! hhaha... =) We had an HOUR to get ready for the show, wash up, to put on makeup, costume, etc. then it was SHOWTIME!
The show was a blast! everything went well, the audience were very responsive too, i saw some people cry during the touching scenes. I was dead-tired after the show and i just sat down on the floor to eat the dinner they served us. Most of the cast went home on the same day, i opted to stay for another night coz i didnt want to travel and arrive in Manila at 3am. So Tita Jinggay, June V, Viking, the other production people and myself took it easy and went "bar hopping" after the show. hHAHAHAH....that was an experience. We went to this "Happening" place in Bataan named JOYOUS bar. Well, i know its a province, and who am I to mock people, but it was kinda funny to see a gig wherein 3 girls, dressed in the same clothes (tube top, pants with 2 slits on both sides with the cut reaching up to their waists, and boots) singing "Sasakyan kita.....sa lahat ng gusto mo....". Grabeh, "A" for effort i swear. And nobody was applauding after each song, it was only us who were clapping for support. We head back to the hotel and just spent the night watching TV instead.
So far, life is good. Still hoping and waiting for the next project to come, hopefully callbacks for Beauty and the Beast. I feel truly blessed that the Lord has showered me in abundance this year, and i can't wait for what he has in store for me for the next months to come. =)


It's so earrrllllyyyyyy! We're leaving for Bataan for a "Joseph the Dreamer" show. My eyes hurt and my nose is siponish. It should have been two shows this weekend, one in Bataan and one in Olongapo, but i was told that the gapo show has been cancelled. Bummer. I'm still wondering if we're staying in Subic for the night. Wish us luck and traveling mercies! =)


30 seconds of fame

(L to R: Glory, Roy, Mira, Me, Jennie)

A picture we took during our gig in Tagaytay last Jan 26. One of the fastest (30 seconds on stage), highest paid (for such a little effort to just sing one song) and WACKIEST shows i've been part of. The fixing of hair, makeup, choosing clothes was more toxic than the show itself! And of course, after the event, we had to take pictures in cold,cold tagaytay! it was lotsa fun! Not to mention UKAY UKAY!!!! It's all gooooood... =)


Good Morning World......zzz

I wake up to the sound of jeeps and trucks today. Rather than birds happily chirping. ANNOYIIINGGGG!!! All of them are passing through our subdivision, coz the main road's having a major "face-lift". Terrible. Now my ipod mini (green) is working double time to block off the noise.


Anyways, I messaged jennie to ask her for help in posting pics to a blog. I was able to post last time using the HELLO program, but now i used theuploader.com thing. It's easier, but i dunno if you can resize the pics before posting them. Oh well.

Rehearsals for "Joseph the Dreamer" later. Ang WALANG KAMATAYANG JTD. Well, I'm fortunate i have work, and it's fun doing JTD. I think its like my 50th time to do the show, counting the numerous runs in Meralco Theater, and all the provincial tours. weepeedoo!!!


my recent hairdoo. and just a test pic on how to post pics via "hello from picasa". gosh i know im a techie, but blogging with pics are new to me i swear! complicated but fun!


Hi. I decide on making a new journal (well coz i was inspired by other bloggers, and also I wanna give up my Livejournal blog, new johann,new year, new life!). So...here i am, making my first blog here in blogger.com. I thought blogging was lame before, but what the hell, its good to try something new (or not). Hopefully this journal thing-a-majig would help me clear my thoughts, share and solve my angsts, and just be a "refuge" for me. So.... lets post awayyyy!!!! =)