My two new "BABIES"

Well, i think it's just fair to reward yourself once in awhile, and after a lot of hard work, i got two new babies! well actually, 3, excluding a sony miniDV camera i got months ago after playshop.

Meet "threegee" (wala na akong maisip na name)

and "Negra"

Been so blessed this year, with lots of support, shows to share my talent, abundance in love, everything's wonderful. Thanks Lord!


jepoy said...

i'm so happy you switched!!!!
i'm so inggit! Can't wait to get me an iMac (i really want a desktop) or a MBP (well i need the power and portability) or a black MB (bec its so damn sexy!!!)

See you later!

leelai said...

wow! iba talaga ang mayaman at maraming shows. :)

aaack, it's a macbook!!! alam mo teacher johann? galit ako sa mga taong may macbook.

(hehehe! enjoy your new toys!!)

Joel R. said...

macbook webcams da best!!!

Eli said...

ay finally accessible na rin ang blogspot sa chines.