Best Birthday to date!

Goshhhh.... all i can say is.... GOSHHHH......

3 days of celebrating my 26th birthday. Was a BLAST! I had the time of my life, with friends, family, people who love me. Feels good to know that you're cared for and people remember you on your special day.

Nov 2, 2006- Watched "Open Season" in the IMAX theater in Mall of asia with Felix, Jepoy, Mayen, Steve, Tita Jinggay, Surot and Jay. HAHAH was hilarious! and it was so cool, coz the movie was in computer animation, then in 3D pa, so double the fun! and the script was so funny as well.
Countdown to my birthday in Gerry's Grill.... PIGed out! At 12AM, text messages bombared my phone with greetings from people who I didn't know they knew when my birthday was. hehe.. thanks to all of you...

Nov 3, 2006 my Birthday! I met with some friends in ABS-CBN to bring them to The Nestle Creamery.... to have lunch, which lasted 4 hours! just sitting there, making kwento, eating ice cream, taking pictures. Thank's to Dan and company for the Linen fabric freshener... hahaha... and Jepoy, Felix, George and Jepoy for the F&H shirt! it fit very well!
A couple of my friends went to Leslie's condo, to just spend the rest of the afternoon there, also for me to dress up for the party in Music 21 in the evening with the JTD cast. I was welcomed with balloons, disco lights, a big screen and videoke tunes, while everyone was wearing Black and White as a theme for a costume. Sang the night away, got some gifts and lotsa cakes from Franco Laurel. Ended the night with a couple of drinks in Station2.

Post birthday celebration! may pahabol pa! hahaha.... Picked up college friends, High School friends, Trumpets friends, and other friends to have dinner in Ybardo's. Great company, great music, FUN! Also went to MiNT in the FORT to have a couple of drinks and dance the night away!

Phew... this was the best birthday ever to date for me. I had sooooooo much fun! and i loved the company of people who celebrated with me during these days. I feel old, but young at heart! haha. All is good! I feel so blessed, so loved, and everything has been put back into place. I thank the Lord for all the blessings He's showering me with, I am grateful....

'til the next birthday! wahhhhooooo!!!

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maits said...

yay!!!!!! glad you're happy happy joy joy ;) enjoyed it too. salamat joh! see ya!