let the rain pour down... i dont care...

"I like walking in the rain, because no one would notice that im crying"- charlie chaplin

Well, something like that, I dont remember the actual quote, but thats what i feel right now. As I hear the rain pour outside my window, at 1:50am, i wish i was there, drenched in the rain, so no one would know that im actually crying.

Im tired. Exhausted. Having the feeling that you're giving so much, always going the distance, but I dont get anything back that would sustain me or make me happy at least. Im tired of understanding. Am I expecting too much? Bakit ang mga ARTISTS masyadong emotional? Am I trying to hard? Is it still all worth it?

Sh*t, ang hirap mag blog na you have to generalize things to somehow keep things private, pero its the best thing i can do. I just need to rant about it at this moment.

Life is tough. I duno if im the only one making it harder though, with my eyes focused on the sky, or focused on my own contentment, and not looking at the good things I get in return, even if they're so little but are such jewels, worthy of keeping (did that make sense? oh well at least ako naintindihan ko).

Itutulog ko nalang ito. After every storm, God promises a rainbow. There will be brighter days Johann. Hug yourself, it's the least thing you can do.

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