Standing up again

Was a busy week for me... I just thought of blogging again now.

Had 4 days of rehearsing people from Goldquest corp. to do a rendition of "Footloose" for their christmas party. Hilarious bunch of people. They worked hard to learn all the steps, choreo, songs. I really pushed them to their limits and introduced them to musical theater.

They competed with groups who did Fame, HS musical, Grease and Moulin Rouge. Some groups were so ALL OUT in their sets! gosh, and all we had were table and chairs. My group really performed well when it was their time to perform, im so proud of them. When the results were in, i was nervous myself. Then we heard "For the grand prize, averaging a score of 95.6%, goes to..... FOOTLOOSE!", WAAHHHH i jumped for joy!

Id like to thank the Lord for this 2nd win for me, I taught another group last year who did "Hairspray", and we also won. Is this my calling? hahah... well i just give more of myself whenever i do stuff like this. And i know the people i teach really go the extra mile, not for the win, but for the experience.


Mayen's bday countdown last night. YUMMY home-baked cinammon rolls. mmmmmm yum yum.
From their condo, the christmas wind was blowing oh so coldly. Sarap, i enjoyed the breeze, which actually made me a bit senti as well. Hayyy... no comment nalang.

Christmas is around the corner.... i still cant feel it thou. I duno how christmas would be for me this year, but im hoping for the best.

OH! dad got me RAM (memory) for my Macbook! i love ittt!!!

yun lang.... hehe..

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maits said...

joh, you make a very good director/teacher. promise